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Watany & Sons

The Freij family has been farming olives and producing top-quality olive oil for generations. The olive tree has a long history in Palestine. It has been planted for thousands of years by Palestinian farmers like my family.

Mr. Jamil


My father, Jamil, was the first owner of a modern olive oil processing plant in the town of Kafar Qassim and the surrounding region. I grew up immersed in olive groves planting, nurturing, cultivating and cold pressing to produce extra virgin olive oil.

Mr. Watany


While living, in Canada I missed the smell and taste of our pure Palestinian olive oil and zaatar I decided to import them. I started my passion small, only sharing with close friends. The demand quickly grew to not Palestinian Canadians but to many Canadians of all backgrounds longing for pure Palestinian products.


Today, my company Watani & Sons Corp serves several Palestinian Communities in Canada and USA, many other Canadians and Americans. It is with great pleasure that we produce, import, and distribute the taste of Palestine! My family and I work to guarantee the sales and distribution of all sorts of refined Palestinian products to our customers.

In Solidarity,

Watany & Sons

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