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We, at Watani & Sons Corp, are considered the largest importer of Palestinian products in Canada. We work directly with the farmers and olive oil factories.  We have solid experience in selecting the best qualities and ensure that we provide the best possible price for the consumer. We are your trusted source for high end Palestinian products.

Palestinians have been nurturing olive trees and producing olive for more than 8000 years based on the latest archaeological discoveries. Herodotus “the father of history” named Palestine “Philistine” pronounced exactly as Palestinians call their homeland. Palestine is known though history as trade route from/to East/West; the olive oil was the one commodity that all bought from Palestine itself. Many countries in the middle east planted olive oil trees but the one country that has so many kinds of olive trees is Palestine therefore it is considered the native land of the olive tree. The Palestinian olive oil is considered the best olive oil in the world and won many international awards.  The olive oil is the top in quality, taste, smell, color and thickness. You will enjoy the many health benefits that comes with it like polyphenol among many others.

Enjoy the best quality, Olive Oils by Watany

Quality of olive oil is defined by its acidity level, The levels are from left (low quality) to right (high quality): Regular, Virgin, Extra virgin, Premium, Ultra-premium. We import extra-virgin closer to premium quality. The taste, smell, and color are dependent on the plant type, the soil, and the geographic location of the tree. Hence, there are all the different flavors. The best taste of olive oil is when it is fresh. Try fresh olive oil once, and you will never buy stocked olive oil.

The Palestinian olive oil season starts mid-October until late December.  We import directly from the farmers from most regions in Palestine. We import fresh seasonal unfiltered olive oil, olives, Castilla soap (olive oil soap), Zaatar, Freekah, Maftool, Nablusi cheese from Palestine every year.

 When you order you have multiple shipping options, choose the option you prefer. You can pay by credit card or etransfer.  If you would like to pick up and save on shipping charges, we do provide pick up option for all pre-season orders. The pickup option is available in the following cities Canada: Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg, London. USA: Boston-MA, Syracuse-NY, Paterson-NJ, Chicago-IL, Arlington-VA, others

For store owners or wholesalers, please contact us directly for prices and shipping options.

Orders are taken year-round however shipments are done when we receive the products i.e. end of December until end of March.  Payment can be made by e-transfer upon product delivery or credit card upon purchase. We normally get sold out by end of March, order early to secure your product and avoid disappointment. 

Palestinian Olive Oil




Arraba and Brukin town's olive oil



Bierzeit, albera, Masari alnobani towns olive oil



Balaa, Ramin, Anabta towns olive oil



Alrama , Winner of best olive oil in the world for 2023


Community Member Oil

Palestinians import through us their own families' olive oil and sell locally, we also help them sell their oil through our platform



Beit Anan, Bethlehem olive oil



Assira Alshamaliya near Nablus olive oil



Zieta, Marda, Dierstia towns olive oil

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